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Agriculture Films

Agriculture Mulch Film is a plastic film used on the ground under the root systems of plant to facilitate crop cultivation.


Thickness 20 To 100 Microns.
Width Up to 2100mm.
Color Transperent, Black, Black // Silver, Grey // Black., Black // Red, Black // Yellow.
Service Life 6 months to 2 Years Depending Upon The Crop.

Benefits of Mulch:

  • It prevents the direct evaporation of the moisture from the soil thus limits the water losses and conserve moisture.
  • Mulch can also provide a barrier to soil pathogens.
  • Mulch can facilitate fertilizer placement and reduces the loss of plant nutrients through leaching.
  • It prevents germination of the annual weeds from receiving lights.
  • Mulch also play a major role in soil solarization process.