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PE Lamination Film

PE lamination films are used as inside layer or sealant layer in various laminates. Due to close cooperation with our customers, we are able to select the most appropriate lamination film types within our standard product range. Alternatively we are modifying the standard film types specifically to our customer needs by adapting existing films, or creating innovative tailor made solutions. Over two decades experience in developing our product portfolio for PE lamination films has given us the know how to suggest optimal solutions for various applications (Food, Pet food, Seafood, Dairy foods, Agro products etc) for our customers.


  • Our standard product range for sealing and easy peel films based on LD and LL (BUTANE, HEXANE, OCTANE, METALLOCENE)  offers customers the possibility to choose the best performing sealing film for their application.
  • All of our standard lamination films are co-extruded enabling us to fix continuous seal layer performance
  • If you are looking for specific film performances (= peel or low seal temperatures etc.) we are developing optimized product characteristics to your challenging specific applications