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Protective Films For Aluminum Window Profiles

Aluminium enjoys great popularity among architects and building owners. Windows, doors and facades made from this high-quality material offer a high degree of flexibility in shape and colour and can be easily integrated into the most diverse building architectures. There are virtually no limits to the visual and tactile qualities of aluminium, as countless colour and structural effects can be achieved using classic powder coating or anodising techniques.

Prevent Scratches and Damage

Throughout the entire process chain from the metalworking shop to the completion of a construction project, quality can be impaired. Aluminium surfaces are exposed to heavy loads, especially during the manufacturing process. Hard, sharp-edged created when drillingaluminium, can damage the high-quality coatings of the profiles. Surfaces can be scratched and scrap is produced. For metal fabricators and window manufacturers, quality assurance and thus the optimum protection of the finished surfaces therefore plays an important role.

Protective Films for any Requirement

The IKON PROTECTION range offers a wide variety of film solutions perfectly engineered to the special requirements of metal and window construction. They provide protection and ensure efficient processing, preventing cost intensive reworking by reducing scrap.

he product range for the protection of anodised and powder-coated aluminium profiles includes solutions for:

  • smooth and structured surfaces 
  • modern contemporary finishes such as particularly rough structural effects or deep matt surfaces

Optimum adhesive and removal properties

Adhesive systems, adhesive formulation and adhesive strength are always perfectly matched to the individual properties of the profile surface. This ensures consistent adhesion across the whole application process whilst being removed easily, simply and safely, even following extreme temperature variations or strong UV exposure. The film leaves no residue, and any delay in the construction project is avoided.

As an expert in surface protection, ikon multipack works closely with its customers, and this can include forming technical partnerships to understand specific needsand requirements with the aim of arriving at the best protection solutions.

Enhance your brand

Give your brand greater visibility by printing your logo on your protective film.

Control Your Environmental Impact

All IKON protective films are recyclable, PVC free, Phthalate free