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Protective Films For Plastics Sheets

IKON MULTIPACK helps you choose the  most appropriate protection film  for your application to care for your surface material, in line with your Machine line:- 

  • Material base: acrylic or PMMA, polycarbonate, polyester (APET or PETG), PVC, ABS, PS, SAN, Glass/Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP/GRP) or plastic sheets with multiple extruded layers like ABS/PMMA, ABS/PC. 
  • Surface finishing: clear, white, translucent or colored surfaces, with a glossy, smooth, matt, finishes. Possibly with additional features: abrasion resistant, anti-fog, anti-static sheets.
  • Applications: construction, glazing and machine guards, signs & displays, lighting and decoration and automotive, as well as home markets with sanitary applications such as baths and furniture, including kitchen panels and UPVC entrance door panels.

To match this diversity, Ikon multipack can create your individual solution from a wide range of protection masking films based on 15 years of wide-ranging experience and knowledge of plastic sheets. To stay constantly focused on keeping your surface perfect, avoiding scratching or damage during the stress of sheet processing.

As an expert in surface protection, ikon multipack works closely with its customers, and this can include forming technical partnerships to understand specific needsand requirements with the aim of arriving at the best protection solutions.

Enhance your brand

Give your brand greater visibility by printing your logo on your protective film.

Control Your Environmental Impact

All IKON protective films are recyclable, PVC free, Phthalate free